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Heavenly Four Fruit Snowskin Mooncake


Heavenly Four Fruit Snowskin Mooncake

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Embrace the velvety smoothness of our snowskin, delicately encasing the succulent fillings that burst with natural fruity goodness.

These mooncakes are a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, creating a memorable culinary experience that will enchant your palate and your heart.

Order now and savor the enchanting flavors of our Snow Skin Mooncakes today!

Each set contains 4 snowskin mooncakes with the following flavours

  • Luscious Longan Delight
  • Zesty Honey Lemon Fusion
  • Exotic Lychee Bliss
  • Tangy Honey Grapefruit Surprise
  • Keep them away from direct heat and sunlight. Avoid placing them in car boots.
  • Keep in the freezer at -12°C or below within 2 hours of purchase, for up to 30 days.
  • Do not refreeze.
Chef Wong Kok Shyong

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