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The Best Takeaway Dishes for Potluck Gatherings CNY

Are you planning a potluck gathering for Chinese New Year and looking for the best takeaway dishes to impress your guests? 

Look no further! In this article, we will introduce you to some mouthwatering dishes that are perfect for sharing and will surely make your potluck gathering a memorable one.  

Get ready to tantalise your taste buds with these delectable takeout options for CNY!  

Traditional Chinese New Year Dishes for Potluck Gatherings  

Traditional Chinese New Year Dishes for Potluck Gatherings are a great way to celebrate the festive season with family and friends.  

One popular dish that shouldn’t be missed is the Lap Mei Fan, a traditional rice dish cooked with a medley of meats.  

The rich flavours of the meats infuse the rice, creating a mouthwatering dish that is both savoury and satisfying.  

For a taste of prosperity, don’t forget to serve the ‘Prosperity’ Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng.  

It is a symbol of abundance and good fortune, and tossing the ingredients together is believed to bring good luck for the year ahead.  

To add a touch of contentment to your potluck gathering, include the ‘Contentment’ Braised Fish Maw Soup with Crab Meat.  

This hearty soup is made with fish maw, a delicacy known for its rich collagen content, and crab meat, which adds an extra layer of sweetness to the broth.  

The combination of flavours and textures makes this soup a comforting and satisfying addition to any festive meal.  

Lastly, make sure to serve the ‘Fortune’ Crispy Roast Chicken.  

The golden colour of the chicken symbolises wealth and prosperity, making it an auspicious dish for the Chinese New Year.  

These traditional Chinese New Year dishes are sure to impress your guests and bring good fortune to your potluck gathering.  

So, gather your loved ones and celebrate the festive season with these delicious and auspicious dishes.  

Popular Takeaway Options for a Hassle-Free Potluck  

Potluck gatherings are a great way to come together and enjoy a meal with friends and family.  

However, the thought of preparing a dish for a potluck can often be overwhelming.  

That’s where takeaway options come in handy. 

 With a wide variety of popular takeaway dishes available, you can easily find something that will impress your fellow potluck attendees.  

Whether it’s scallop Chicken Soup, savoury beef and broccoli, or mouthwatering sweet and sour pork, Chinese dishes are always a hit at potlucks.  

ju signatures treasures pot pen cai cny
Ju Treasures Pot Pen Cai

Another great option is a JU Treasure Pot Pen Cai.   

If you’re looking for something a little different, why not try some steamed food? 

Broaden your culinary horizons at your next potluck by introducing the delightful world of steamed dishes.

The gentle cooking method not only preserves the natural flavours of ingredients but also opens the door to a diverse array of possibilities, ensuring a unique and memorable dining experience for everyone

From flavourful Steamed Har Gao and Steamed Siew Mai to Steamed Honey-glazed BBQ Pork Bun, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  

So, the next time you’re hosting a potluck gathering, consider these popular takeaway options for a hassle-free and delicious meal.  


In conclusion, when it comes to potluck gatherings during the Chinese New Year, there are various options to choose from.  

Traditional Chinese dishes are always a hit, providing a taste of authenticity and cultural significance.  

For those looking for convenience, popular takeaway options are available to make the potluck hassle-free.  

For a unique twist, creative fusion dishes add an exciting element to the potluck experience.  

It’s important to keep in mind health-conscious options as well, to balance out the festive indulgence. 

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